Friday, August 29, 2008

Let the lyrics do the talking...

Some Lyrics to Raining in Baltimore by Counting Crows

I need a phone call
I need a raincoat
I need a big love
I need a phone call

These train conversations are passing me by
And I dont have nothing to say
You get what you pay for
But I just had no intention of living this way

I need a phone call
I need a plane ride
I need a sunburn
I need a raincoat

And I get no answers
And I dont get no change
Its raining in baltimore, baby
But everything else is the same

Theres things I remember and things I forget
I miss you I guess that I should
Three thousand five hundred miles away
But what would you change if you could?

I need a phone call

I need a phone call
I need a raincoat


Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Week Is Almost Over

I went to therapy this week.

My therapist asked me "why are you so hard on yourself".

That's a good question.

I cried my heart out that day. She told me she was sorry that I was in so much pain. We are going to work on my self criticism and self rejection. I'm going back next week. This time, I'm going to try to keep my appointments.

The boss is on vacation next week. Apparently me and the other girl in the office better be dead if we have to call in. I told him he better send flowers. heh

I'm going out this weekend with friends. I can't wait.

I've been talking to the marine guy, but I don't know. I think he has too much drama for my taste. I'm also beginning to wonder if he isn't married...

I'm a weirdo magnet.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Things that come to mind...

I say more than I should, especially on this blog

I'm honest

My honesty often turns into negativity

I do, but don't care what people think of me

I try not to judge anyone

I'm a listener

I say whatever is on my mind, at that moment

That moment sometimes gets me in to trouble

I believe in following my heart

Instead of following my heart, maybe I should protect it

I have so much love to give, but I can't give it to myself

I'm simply complicated

I have head worms...

and all of you ACCEPT me!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's a bird, It's a plane, It's Super Hooker...

Now that I've decided to get a life, my next two weekends are booked. I will be doing the club scene. One night will even be with my best hooker, Jess. I'm ready to unleash, get drunk, flirt and get free drinks. And just MAYBE someone will catch my attention...

if that someone doesn't cooperate, I'll slip his ass a mickey.

Hooker has a plan. :D

BTW..went to the doctor today, I've lost ten pounds! Woot!

HOO if you are reading this, BRING YOUR MOTHERF'N BLOG BACK!

MIG, if you are reading this, give me the link to your blog. When I click on your name, it doesn't take me there.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Warning: This Post Will NOT Be Pretty

All of you are probably wondering "what in the hell is Sassy doing". If you are even reading this piece of shit blog because I keep deleting/creating it.

Well, to be honest...I have no clue what I'm doing. I'm so confused right now about how I feel, I'm trying not to deal with anything.

The past two weeks have been completely horrible for me. I'm stressed the fuck out and having chest pain because of it.

I've decided to say fuck it all. I'm tired of worrying about things I can't control, I'm tired of giving myself to people who don't deserve me, I'm tired of worrying about things I don't have, I'm tired of sitting in this motherfucking house like a hermit. I'm torturing myself. Not anymore. FUCK IT ALL. It's time to unleash. Maybe I'll even unleash the freak in me;)

It's time to realize all I have is ME.
It's time to stop giving a fuck.

The truth always comes out. It's one of those fundamental things of time. It will either set you free or ruin you....

we shall see.

I'm Back Because I F'n Need This Blog

Lyrics to Tear Away by Drowning Pool

I'm tearing away
Pieces are falling I can't seem to make them stay
You run away
Faster and faster you can't seem to get away
Hope there's a reason
For questions unanswered I just don't see everything
Yes I'm inside you
Tell me how does it feel to feel like this
Just like I do
I don't care about anyone else but me
I don't care about anyone
Do I really want this
Sometimes I scare myself I just can't let it go
Can you believe it
Everything happens for reasons I just don't know
I don't care about anyone else but me
I don't care about anyone
I don't care about anyone else but me
I don't care about anyone or anything but me....

Angry music. That is so me right now.

Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm going through a lot right now, I feel like I can't breathe and I'm having trouble coping.

I won't be blogging for a while, if ever again...

there's nothing left to say.

Don't worry about me, I'll be okay.

Big Love to you all!