Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The sadness is different this time. I can't explain it, but I feel it. It's much deeper.

Nothing is what it seems. People always leave in the end. We are all in our own prison. We are all alone.

Hope is nothing...

but hope.


alan said...

No, you aren't alone...I know it feels that way...I know you can't see all of us out here that love you, but we're here nonetheless and think the world of you!

I also know that's not the same thing, but love is where we find it!


Anon. said...

You aren't alone. And yes, everything is temporary, but so is what you are feeling right now. So yes, hope.


Lucy S said...

Words are nothing when your feeling how ur feeling. I know how you feeling. Email me whenever.

A Creative Mom said...

Thank you so much,Sassy
It's encouraging.

A Creative Mom said...

Thanks Sassy. Just like Alan I also say that you're not alone . We all feel strange and lonely at times,but the only thing that can keep us alive is what you said HOPE.Enjoy yourself in things you like and build good friendships.

led sign said...

good luck!!every thing would be ok!

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